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jahar-tsarnaev replied to your post: OOC:  Wait, from what I’m seeing, Mass. doesn’t…

((He’s being tried on a National level, not a state one, so it doesn’t apply.))


OOC:  Wait, from what I’m seeing, Mass. doesn’t have the death penalty, so doesn’t that mean that Jahar can’t get the death penalty?

Anonymous asked:
who are you?

I am Jahar

biafra-jello asked:
... May I pet your hair of puppies and rainbows cause you sir are one handsome terrorist * sarcasm wink wink*

Of course. ;) 

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Anonymous asked:
What would you do if Jahar got the death penalty? Or even better yet which would you rather him get the death penalty or life in prison?? What's your opinion on the both of them? What's your opinion on the whole case as a matter of fact?

I don’t know, I’d probably be really upset.  I’d rather him get life in prison, just because I’m sure it would hurt his family a lot less.  Both of them as in Jahar and Tamerlan?  I don’t really have an opinion on them.  They’re good looking I guess.  And as much as I hate conspiracies and shit, I kind of agree with the people who say none of the things that’s been said add up.

Can someone ask me things?

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The death penalty shouldnt even be legal